Memuco is awesome

Memuco is, to put it mildly, awesome. He agreed to illustrate the cover of my book a while ago, and yesterday he sent me the finished products. He didn’t just do one, he did four. All four are the greatest Vaquita paintings I have ever seen. It was so hard to pick one for the cover, but I finally chose a beautiful painting of a mother and calf. But I will definitely use all of them for various purposes in the future. I don’t want to post them yet due to copyright reasons, but take my word for it that they are unbelievable. The book should be published by the end of the summer.

My paintings

Recently I began playing around with the very basic computer art program, Microsoft Paint. Last week I did this 20-minute doodle:

Vaquita Swimming

Yesterday I did a much better painting (though it literally took 17 times longer to do) of a Vaquita’s face:

Vaquita Face

My brother and I have done a lot of hand-drawn illustrations for my book lately, but I won’t show those just yet. My brother is working on an Orca painting on the same computer program, and I promised him I would post it when he finished, so look out for that soon.


Recently I have started another Vaquita book, this time a fictional adult novel. It is called Nets, and is about both a pod of Vaquita and a local fisherman. I am also still working on my informational children’s book, Vaquita. My brother and I are both painting Vaquita pictures to either sell or use for publicity. I will start to post some more artwork that my siblings or I have made in the past. I will post some progress reports in the future.