Recently I have started another Vaquita book, this time a fictional adult novel. It is called Nets, and is about both a pod of Vaquita and a local fisherman. I am also still working on my informational children’s book, Vaquita. My brother and I are both painting Vaquita pictures to either sell or use for publicity. I will start to post some more artwork that my siblings or I have made in the past. I will post some progress reports in the future.


4 thoughts on “Nets

  1. I Wan’t to see the art work and read the book! if you need a little vaquita for one of your chaptes let me know.
    cannot promise a bunch but for sure I can help you with one illustration. “If” you need it. But maybe it’s better the project remains with you and you sibling more original. keep it up.



    • I would be absolutely honored to have one of your illustrations in my book! When the time comes, I’ll try to contact you and we can maybe work something out. 🙂


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