How to Help

Quick links 2020:

Sign the petition:

Boycott Mexican shrimp:

Vaquita CPR:

Act Now:

Souls of the Vermilion Sea:

Support Sea Shepherd’s Operation Milagro:

The gillnet ban has been made permanent!:

So how can you help? Some of the best ways for anyone to help are spreading the word on social media and in person, only eating sustainable seafood (no gillnet-caught seafood from the Gulf of California, and especially no totoaba swim bladders), signing petitions to the Mexican and U.S. governments, and donating to vaquita conservation organizations. Below are links to everything you need in order to make a difference for the vaquita.

International Save the Vaquita Day:

Cooking to Save the Vaquita Part 1: (Click here), 2: (Click here), and 3: (Click here)


If you would like to buy the second edition of the first-ever vaquita book, written by me and with profits going to VIVA Vaquita, please visit

And please follow V-log to stay up-to-date with all the latest advancements and announcements regarding the vaquita and its conservation. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “How to Help

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  2. Thanks for the update!
    Profits from my children’s book, ‘Vinny the Vaquita’, also go to vaquita charities, and it’s a great way to help spread awareness. Aidan even kindly wrote a review for the back of the book. You can find it on or on amazon.

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