I want to give a huge tribute to the amazing Mexican artist Memuco. His beautiful work has raised much awareness and money for the Vaquita over the last few years. His art is absolutely amazing. Please look him up or search him on this blog to see some of the things he has done. He has also been very kind to me, even volunteering to illustrate part of my chapter book!

I would also like to thank the awesome people at ¡Viva Vaquita!, Cetos, Save the Whales!, CEDO, the American Cetacean Society Monterey Bay Chapter, WWF, earthOCEAN, NOAA, and many more that I forgot the names of for working so hard to protect this amazing creature and for answering all of my questions.

I would finally like to thank Dr. Tom Jefferson for replying to every email I have sent him since I was ten. I remember when I used to send him about 5 emails a day. I have no idea how he stayed so patient with me. 🙂 He has always been my #1 resource on Vaquita info.

All of these people and organizations have played a huge part in inspiring me to do this blog and all of the other stuff that I’ve done over the last 3 years. I feel like I know all of these people so personally, yet I have never met any one of them. One day I hope to meet you awesome humans.


My paintings

Recently I began playing around with the very basic computer art program, Microsoft Paint. Last week I did this 20-minute doodle:

Vaquita Swimming

Yesterday I did a much better painting (though it literally took 17 times longer to do) of a Vaquita’s face:

Vaquita Face

My brother and I have done a lot of hand-drawn illustrations for my book lately, but I won’t show those just yet. My brother is working on an Orca painting on the same computer program, and I promised him I would post it when he finished, so look out for that soon.