International Save the Vaquita Day 2020!

The big day is here! #ISTVD2020 is today, July 18, and this event is sure to be exciting and impactful. The event is completely virtual this year, and is centered around a live stream featuring many wonderful speakers, artists, and a presentation of the award-winning vaquita documentary Sea of Shadows. The live stream begins at 9:00 am PT, 12:00 pm ET, with the earlier content being kid-friendly, followed by more serious content in the afternoon. Below the feed you can find more information and ways to help.

The live stream can be found here:

You can help participate in this event in many ways, the best being in the following:

  • Share the live stream link on social media and through email, using the hashtags #SavetheVaquita and #4aPorpoise. Here are some sample posts you can use:

“We must #SavetheVaquita! Please visit to learn more about this critically endangered marine mammal and how you can help! #4aPorpoise”

“The vaquita will be extinct soon unless the threat of gillnet fishing in its small range in Mexico is eliminated. The Mexican government must fully enforce its gillnet ban to prevent the species’ extinction. Everyone can help by not buying gillnet-caught seafood, boycotting Mexican shrimp, voting for conservation-minded leaders, contacting the Mexican government, and donating to environmental groups working to help the vaquita. See and for more information. #SavetheVaquita #4aPorpoise”

  • Contact Mexican government officials through social media and let them know that they need to act decisively to enforce the ban on gillnet fishing. Here is sample message and the social media accounts of three top Mexican officials. You can also use to send these messages with just one click.

“Don’t allow the tiny #vaquita porpoise to vanish on your watch. Step up your efforts, act now and #SaveTheVaquita! YOU are responsible for what happens next. Enforce the ban on gillnets in the vaquita’s range.”

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico:
Twitter: @lopezobrador @GobiernoMX
Instagram: lopezobrador Gobmexico

Victor Manuel Toledo, Minister of the Environment:
Twitter: @victormtoledo @SEMARNAT_mx 
Instagram: semarnat_mexico #méxicobiodiverso

Martha Barcena, Mexican Ambassador to the United States: 
Twitter: @EmbamexEUA
Instagram: embamexeua

Thank you, now let’s #SavetheVaquita!

Muskwa Club members in front of the new vaquita mural in Manhattan Beach, CA


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