Wild Lens

Wild Lens, a non-profit documentary production company, has announced their latest and greatest project: Souls of the Vermilion Sea.

Souls of the Vermilion Sea

Souls of the Vermilion Sea will be a documentary about the Vaquita’s situation, especially the crucial next three years. They will be following the Vaquita and its helpers’ story until the population recovers, or tragically goes extinct.

For such an ambitious project, they will need funding. Luckily, there is a way for all of us to help make this exciting documentary a reality: Kickstarter.

Wild Lens has created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the film. And the best part is, the people who donate get Vaquita-related rewards! I am proud to say that my book, both signed and unsigned, as well as two of my original drawings are included among those prizes! Also included are other magnificent original artworks, a Vaquita ringtone, and some other amazing prizes.

So please, spare $5, or better yet, $10,000 (don’t worry, the reward is incredible) to help Wild Lens reach their goal of $15,000 within the month of June.

This amazing project can’t become a reality without your generous support!

Souls of the Vermilion Sea


Book illustration

I am going to give a sneak peek of the illustrations that are going to be in my book. The picture below is going to be for the “Taxonomy” chapter of the book. Also, William Whittenbury from the Muskwa Club has asked to use this picture for the introduction of one of their movies! I will post the movie series when it is completed. It promises to be awesome. Also, I will post some of the many drawings, posters, and projects my siblings and I have done in the past few years when I can.

My scientific sketch.

My scientific sketch.

An A-Z of Weird and Wonderful Wildlife from Around the World

Three things:

First, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.

Second, check this article about saving cetaceans from a different perspective.

And third, I was browsing through Google images when I found this really cool Vaquita painting. I clicked on it and I came upon this awesome website called Reuben is My Middle Name. The creator, Daniel Young, has this book, An A-Z of Weird and Wonderful Wildlife from Around the World, which has the Vaquita as V! His illustrations have an Eric Carle feel with tons of mystery and the feeling that you are inside the painting. I love his work.

I have been meaning to post pictures of all of the Vaquita projects/drawings my siblings and I have done in the past year, so look out for those soon!

Education page

Attention teachers or students: click here to visit the Last Chance for the Desert Porpoise website’s Education page. It includes great project ideas for your classes that seem very fun and intriguing. It is on an amazing and reliable website, and the projects are based on the documentary found on the site. The projects are a great way to teach people/learn about the Panda of the sea. If you would like to see the whole website, click here: http://vaquita.tv/.

Science project

My younger brother and sister decided to do their Elementary School Science Project on the Vaquita! I will definitely be keeping a watchful eye on them (I can’t help myself), but it should be a good learning experience for them, and more importantly, the entire school. When I was in that school in 5th Grade, I told my class about the Vaquita and gave them brochures (see ¡Viva Vaquita! website). We originally hoped to do a fundraiser, but the idea kind of drifted away. I hope this project will help teach the kids (I know I’m a kid, too) about this extremely important issue, and maybe get the fundraiser idea rolling again!