WWF’s successes of 2013

As the year draws to a close, WWF takes a look back on the wonderful year of 2013 in their “15 WWF Success Stories of 2013.” Of course, the biggest Vaquita news in recent memory took place this June in the form of the Official Norm law, a new regulation that guarantees that all shrimp gillnets will be phased into Vaquita-safe trawls within the next 3 years! The Vaquita is featured at number 6 on the list because it was WWF’s petition (which garnered over 38,000 signatures from 127 countries) that caused the law in the first place. We cannot give enough thanks to WWF and everyone else that has helped the Vaquita so far in its eventful, 55-year history with us (the Vaquita was discovered in 1958). Let’s have a toast to a great 2014 for the Vaquita!

My sister and I came up with a fun holiday activity to find out your Vaquita name! For example, my name is Aidan and I was born in March, so my Vaquita name would be, “Vita Marina.” Have fun and please share!

What's your Vaquita name?


Good news: the Vaquita is near the top of a recently published list that is the international buzz in the nature world.

Bad news: the list is of the 100 most endangered species on earth.

It is no secret to us that the Vaquita is critically endangered, nor am I trying to make it one. If it is so endangered, than it might as well be on this newly-created list. Thankfully it is on the list, and conveniently near the top so people won’t get bored of the list before they get to the Vaquita. Here is the link to one site with the list: The Guardian, and the Vaquita is the 15th one down. My one complaint, however, is that besides being able to infer that it lives in the ocean, someone who doesn’t know about the Vaquita will not know that it’s even a porpoise. Aside from that, this list is good for publicity for the Vaquita and many other troubled species.

WWF top 10

Dead Vaquita

This is the picture shown as #5 on the WWF Top 2012 Endangered Species List

Click the link: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/wwf-s-top-2012-endangered-species-1325806837-slideshow/#crsl=%252Fphotos%252Fwwf-s-top-2012-endangered-species-1325806837-slideshow%252F-wwf-us-eugene-lee-photo-1325806257.html to see WWF’s top 10 list of endangered species to be on the look-out for in 2012. Even though the picture is depressing, it is vital for the species.