Good news: the Vaquita is near the top of a recently published list that is the international buzz in the nature world.

Bad news: the list is of the 100 most endangered species on earth.

It is no secret to us that the Vaquita is critically endangered, nor am I trying to make it one. If it is so endangered, than it might as well be on this newly-created list. Thankfully it is on the list, and conveniently near the top so people won’t get bored of the list before they get to the Vaquita. Here is the link to one site with the list: The Guardian, and the Vaquita is the 15th one down. My one complaint, however, is that besides being able to infer that it lives in the ocean, someone who doesn’t know about the Vaquita will not know that it’s even a porpoise. Aside from that, this list is good for publicity for the Vaquita and many other troubled species.