The new books arrived!

I already received the books I ordered in the mail, and I am extremely happy with how they turned out. I feel every aspect of the first edition has been improved upon, and I promise you, even if you have the first edition, the second edition will be worth it. If you already planned on donating, this is a great way to do so, and you get a book about the Vaquita in return!

The Vaquita, Second Edition

All-new 6x9 size

All-new 6×9 size

Some of the many new pages and illustrations

Some of the many new pages and illustrations


2 thoughts on “The new books arrived!

  1. A great petition for a very endangered species. As part of the Cousteau team that more than 23 years ago signed with the Mexican Government a plan to save the vaquita and the totoaba, it is disturbing to see that nothing has really happened. Each new administration just pretends to work protecting the environment in Mexico. The reality is the opposite. Now it is even worse with the present Government.


  2. Hello Aiden,

    You have just come to my attention, due to your work for Vaquitas. I would like to seek your nomination for membership to the International A-Team For Wildlife. Please get in touch with me so that I may extend the invitation. You can learn about us at our website. I would very much like to speak with you and your parents by phone. Great work!

    Ken Jones, CEO


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