Traveling to the Gulf

If you are planning a vacation and are having a difficult time deciding where to go, put the Upper Gulf of California on top of that list. Even if you are not planning on going on vacation, maybe you should just to take a load off and kick back with a martini. One of the largest factors in Vaquita conservation is the economic success of Mexico and its ex-fishermen. Here is a little paragraph from

“Support local economies – Now that many of the fishermen are retiring from fishing and starting new businesses, it is important to support them in their new endeavors. If you travel to the area try staying in any of the ecological lodges, or maybe have a nice meal in a restaurant set up as part of the vaquita conservation program. Many of the fishermen are now entering into the ecotourism industry so make sure your sightseeing or fishing trip is set up with one of them. For a list of some of the new businesses in the region you can visit CEDO’s web page, or simply ask around and people will point in the right direction. Remember that the more support these communities receive, the better chance we have of keeping the waters gillnet free.”

This site is one of the best Vaquita resources on the planet, so you should definitely pay it a visit. Maybe even pay a visit to Mexico.


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