Fourth and final in a 4-part series: Death

As you know, every great thing must end.

Do not dread death, just savor time you spend

With family and friends, and even foes.

Life is more powerful than anyone knows,

But death ends life much faster than a cheetah.

How does this relate? Let’s meet our Vaquita.

He loves his life, frolicking with loved ones.

He lives with parents, daughters, and their sons.

La Vaquita is living his life at its best,

Everything’s perfect, this Vaquita is blessed.

Think about something while he thinks about fish:

There must be a reason this is called what it is.

Ok, fine, I’ll go back to the story.

While the pod is living in glory,

They dive and blow and breach and float.

But just ’round the corner approaches a boat.

Our little Vaquita sees a school of fish,

He dashes towards the boat, that he didn’t I wish.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he gets caught in the net,

He rolls frantically and starts to fret.

His heart stops.

He’s gone.

But do not dread death, here’s what some say:

Life after death is just another day.

This may be true for some forms of life,

But not so with the Vaquita’s strife.

The Gulf without the Vaquita is like a forest without moss.

When one Vaquita dies, the entire species may be lost.


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