Third in a 4-part series: Maturity

Bubbles stream down his graceful form.

The sea surrounds him, rich and warm.

He playfully darts through the silky water,

He finds a mate and they have a daughter.

They all live together with his brother and mom.

The pod’s noise meets that of a bomb.

Their lives are all perfect, they whistle nice songs.

Nothing. Yes, nothing could ever go wrong.


8 thoughts on “Maturity

    • Yeah I saw it!!!! Thanks soooo much for that post, you couldn’t have given me a better compliment! Me and my family were so excited. Keep up the great work, GLT


  1. Hi, your blog is great! It is important for young people, like yourself, to be passionate about a cause and to do something about it. You are a real leader. Your poetry is great too. You are very good at rhyming and metering your work. Keep it up.
    Thank you for your kind comments on our blog. Murdoch, my son has his own blog now at . Although it is different topics you might enjoy it as he writes poetry too. Also, here is another blog of a young person that you might enjoy as well
    I will keep an eye on your blog and keep writing…
    Jackie McSween


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