Second in a 4-part series: Adolescence

A few months now have already passed,

The calf’s older, he’s not a tot, at last!

He’s finally stopped cowering under his mom.

Now he’s swimming around with aplomb.

He learned to catch fish all on his own,

He learned how to squeak, whistle, and moan.

He can log, spyhop, breathe, and breach,

Echo-locate things his eyes can’t reach.

His days of being cared for are fading away.

He will join his mother’s pod any day.

The clock is ticking fast, and in essence,

These are his last days of adolescence.


5 thoughts on “Adolescence

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    • Is this a part of a comment to someone else about my blog? Thanks for checking it out and leaving what appears to be a kind comment:)


      • Oh my God! I’m sorry for not understanding what you wrote. I just decided to go back on your blog, and started to read your post, when I suddenly realized I was reading the most persuasive article I have ever read! And it was about me!! Thank you immensely for this! P.S. I love the article’s name! -GLT


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