National Save the Vaquita Day article

Below is an awesome article by Sandy Mazza from The article features interviews with William Whittenbury and Diane Alps, two people whom I coordinated with a lot for the July 6 event. The very accurate article nicely recaps all of the important information about the Vaquita and its very special day, July 6.

Switch-out charity

Thanks to William Whittenbury, the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Cetacean Society has turned our ideas for the Vaquita Conservation Society into reality. Though it is still in the beginnings, they have created a charity that sends its donations to the switch-out program, (where the government gives fishermen alternative, Vaquita-safe fishing gear) and they are the first group to do so. Right now, the only way to donate is to send a check by mail to: P.O. Box 1208, San Pedro, CA 90733-1208. It is very important that you write “Vaquita” on the memo line for it to go to the switch-out. I believe that the best chance for the Vaquita is the switch-out, because the new trawls provide the ideal results for both man and porpoise. Eventually, the charity will be much more public and have a bigger impact, but, as I said, the charity is still taking its baby steps. Please share this post with your friends (click on the title of the post and then scroll down until you see the social media buttons) and donate.

Also, a new idea is forming within the Muskwa Headquarters that could be our biggest project yet. Stay tuned.



Informational video

If you live in the area, join ¡Viva Vaquita! at Hula’s Island Grill and Tiki Room in Monterey, California every Monday night in April for their Mahalo Monday fundraiser! 10% of sales will go to ¡Viva Vaquita! It is open for dinner starting at 4 pm. Hope you can come!

Also, William Whittenbury from the Muskwa Club has asked me to write the script for their informational movie that will be on their YouTube channel, possibly a local news station, and maybe even on a loop in the Cabrillo Aquarium and at a Vaquita Fundraising event at the Hawaiian Waikiki Aquarium, which is still an idea in progress that the aquarium has shown much interest in. Many more ideas are also in the works, and I will update them as soon as they become official.

Muskwa Club

Recently, I was contacted by William Whittenbury, a member of the Muskwa Club (see Blogroll), a group that is currently working on saving the Vaquita. They are doing an amazing job, from presentations to videos to books to floats, they are really taking an immense step for public awareness. You can read more about what they are or plan on doing in William’s comment on About V-log. William has been very kind to me, inviting me to join the club, help write their video series’ screenplay, and is even willing to sell and display my informational Vaquita book at their presentations. William’s mom actually gave me a website that I can use to self-publish it! Dr. Tom Jefferson has already generously proofread it for fact authenticity and given permission to use one of his photos for the book. My brother and I are finishing up our illustrations for the book, and the whole thing is really starting to look like it could be a real success! I will give you further updates as they come.