Put Your Face on Toshiba Vision

IMPORTANT! Please vote for the Vaquita in the “Put Your Face on Toshiba Vision” sweepstakes. The winner of the contest gets their picture displayed every 8-10 minutes for 24 hours a day on the enormous Toshiba Vision screens in Times Square, NYC! Obviously, this is a HUGE deal. Tell all your friends and family to vote! You can vote up to 10 times a day. Keep clicking on the “VOTE” button until it says “You have already voted ten times today, please try again tomorrow!” Thanks!




Vote for Save The Whales in the TravelSharkPix Charity Hunt! Just click on the link below and choose Save the Whales as your favorite charity. The Charity Hunt is a three-week event allowing users to nominate and vote for their favorite charity to have a chance to receive donations from TravelSharkPix for an entire year! The deadline to vote is February 20 at 7 pm Eastern Time. This is monumental for the Vaquita! Thank you for your support!