New Vaquita short film

*Video and article currently unavailable.

Chris Johnson of earthOCEAN, creator of the website and the famous Vaquita documentary, “Last Chance for the Desert Porpoise,” has recently released a new short film about the Vaquita, titled “Saving the Desert Porpoise.” It is an update on the documentary from 2008, with new info, graphics, and interviews. It is a perfect video to get completely up to date on the Vaquita’s situation. Please read Chris’s article about the film and watch it below:

New Vaquita movie

Filmmaker Chris Johnson just released his updated Vaquita movie. Watch it here: This movie is so great for the Vaquita, but it does bring up some points that make me a little nervous about the Vaquita’s survival. The new Vaquita-safe net appears to be the future for the Vaquita, if there is any.