First copy done

I just finished my first copy of my children’s book, “Vaquita.” Look for more updates soon. Also, my brother is doing a report on the Vaquita from my book. His teacher is the same one to whom I introduced the idea of a school fundraiser two years ago. Hopefully his report will refresh her interest and maybe the fundraiser idea. An idea is forming in my head about a Vaquita fundraiser (not the school one), and it might include chocolate bars. 🙂 Stay tuned.

Science project

My younger brother and sister decided to do their Elementary School Science Project on the Vaquita! I will definitely be keeping a watchful eye on them (I can’t help myself), but it should be a good learning experience for them, and more importantly, the entire school. When I was in that school in 5th Grade, I told my class about the Vaquita and gave them brochures (see ¡Viva Vaquita! website). We originally hoped to do a fundraiser, but the idea kind of drifted away. I hope this project will help teach the kids (I know I’m a kid, too) about this extremely important issue, and maybe get the fundraiser idea rolling again!