A reason to fret

The Vaquita has a reason to fret:

When the Mexican sun begins to bake,

Fisherman fish, for their family’s sake.

Out, their nets (to catch fish and shrimp) are set.

When our friends get trapped, their matches they’ve met,

They can’t escape, it’s not a piece of cake.

The Vaquita then dies; its life God takes.

Again, Vaquita are conquered by net.

There is an answer. We don’t have to seek.

If we get the nets out of the water

Vaquita’ll thrive with our sons and daughters.

Their warbles will be as smooth as honey.

Our children’ll see the Vaquita, so meek,

But all we need is a lot more money.

Conquered by net

A Vaquita inhales the ripe sea air,

Causing a scare.

After a pause he rolls into the deep.

Downward he creeps.

Through the kelp and grass he winds to and fro,

Swiftly he goes.

He locates and chases a huge plump grunt.

He’s on the hunt.

He catches the fish and travels due west;

He does not rest.

Caught in a trap, he whines, wiggles, and frets.

Conquered by net, conquered by net.



Timid, Grey

Echolocate, Dive, Swim

Vaquita need your help.


*I am excited to say I am getting my non-Vaquita poem, The Egg, published in a poetry book! I recommend checking out the website, http://www.poeticpower.com/. You can read the poem below:


The Egg

An egg was on the dunes of the lovely beaches of St. June’s.
One fine day the egg had split, a tiny beak popped out a bit,
Out came a little gull, of which species, I can’t recall.
Covered with fluff, not very tough,
The chick was rather pathetic.
Feathers bold, feathers long, the mother was firm and strong,
And to the most extent, athletic.

As the years passed, the chick grew too.
The sun at full blast, he flew and flew.
He flew and flew where blue met blue.
Salt whipping at his face,
He raced and raced and raced and raced.
The beautiful gull had crossed the sea
And found a spot beneath a tree.
He got a mate, not a second late,
On the lovely beaches of Regg.
They dug a ditch, the female flinched.
And then she laid an egg.

Poem contest

ATTENTION! Do you think you can write a good Vaquita poem? Let’s find out! I’m creating a Vaquita poetry contest for you! Write the best poem you can, and submit it in the comment section. If my fellow judges and I think your poem is really outstanding, I will use it as one of my future poems, giving you full credit. There can be multiple winners. The deadline is 12:00 am on January 10, 2012. I hope to read some great poems!