La Tienda

Check out the ¡Viva Vaquita! La Tienda at! This great store features a wide range of tops, mugs, mousepads, ornaments, hats, bags, and bottles with various ¡Viva Vaquita! logos and illustrations. Besides the wonderful quality of the products, all of the profits go to the Monterey Bay Chapter of the American Cetacean Society, a non-profit organization. This is the best way to donate, and the best way to buy Vaquita items. Happy shopping!


CEDO 2012

In recognition of the extremely critical situation of the Vaquita, CEDO is directing most of its 2012 fundraising efforts to the protection of this critically endangered species. Any purchases in the coming year will support local fishermen’s and CEDO’s cooperative efforts at reducing by-catch in the Northern Gulf, in strengthening public and social policies and practices to protect the Vaquita’s habitat, and in educating the public on this little porpoise. New research on the Vaquita will be published onto CEDO’s website soon:


First in a 4-part series: Birth

Cries of gulls pierce the air,

The Gulf of Cali has beauty to spare.

The April sun warms the water,

The Sea of Cortes could not be hotter.

Although the sky and land are great,

What’s below the surf is worth the wait.

Plunge in the ocean, go down a few feet.

A submerged birth scene is what you will meet.

There, in the seaweed, floats a mother,

Giving birth to her young calf’s brother:

The tail comes first,

Then out comes the head.

The calf is free,

But sinks like lead;

The mother is nervous.

But all is well,

The calf’s not ill,

Things are swell.

To have healthy kids, some would kill.

The mother tends to her precious boy,

Tiny and cute, he resembles a toy.

The calf takes in the blazing sun,

With no idea of what’s to come….