National Save the Vaquita Day coverage

Here is the Muskwa Club’s official coverage of National Save the Vaquita Day from their monthly newsletter The Phoenix and the Flame. Please enjoy some firsthand accounts of the day and learn a bit more about this wonderful organization.

Phoenix and the Flame 2.6

WWF newsletter

Great news! Not only does the Official Norm help the Vaquita by what the regulation actually says, but also by the publicity the Vaquita is getting from it. This was proven this morning when the first story in WWF’s monthly newsletter was about the Vaquita! If you didn’t get it, here’s what it said:

“World’s Smallest Porpoise Gets a Helping Hand

Found only in a small area of the upper Gulf of California, Mexico, Vaquitas probably number fewer than 200. This little porpoise—the world’s smallest—often becomes entangled and drowns in drift gillnets used by fishermen to catch fish and shrimp. WWF has been working for many years to address the threat of bycatch to the Vaquita, and in February over 38,000 people signed our petition for a gillnet ban in the porpoise’s habitat. This month the Mexican government took a major step in protecting this critically endangered species.

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