New Vaquita short film

*Video and article currently unavailable.

Chris Johnson of earthOCEAN, creator of the website and the famous Vaquita documentary, “Last Chance for the Desert Porpoise,” has recently released a new short film about the Vaquita, titled “Saving the Desert Porpoise.” It is an update on the documentary from 2008, with new info, graphics, and interviews. It is a perfect video to get completely up to date on the Vaquita’s situation. Please read Chris’s article about the film and watch it below:


Marine Mammals of the World: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Indentification

A while ago I purchased Marine Mammals of the World: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Identification by Thomas A. Jefferson, Marc A. Webber, and Robert Pitman. It is an outstanding book, probably the best on Earth for Marine Mammals. It even has manatees and Polar Bears! Really the only reason I bought it (yes, I bought it, not my parents) was because of the Vaquita entry. It has great pictures and reliable information, and the best Vaquita illustration I’ve ever seen in a book. I’m not really asking you to buy it, but if you’re into marine mammals, it’s certainly worth every penny. It would also make a great holiday gift.