Spanish WWF petition

Here is another petition by WWF Mexico to the Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto (again, if you have his email, please give it to me for my petition). The page is entirely in Spanish, so here are what the words mean in the petition box:

(____) ya han firmado. Ayúdanos a conseguir 50,000: (____) have already signed. Help us get 50,000

País: Country

Nombre: First Name

Apellido: Last Name

Email: Email

Código Postal: Zip code

Quiero recibir noticias y actualizaciones: I want to receive news and updates

Firmar Petición: Sign Petition

If you want to read the petition before signing (it’s basically the same as the other one), just copy and paste into Google Translate. I find it very fun to search the web for new Vaquita info and pictures. Check out these two cool Facebook pages: and I find myself learning Spanish very rapidly with all these websites. ¡Qué tenga un buen día!

Tom Jefferson slideshow

Take a little while to go through this presentation/slide show by Tom Jefferson: It is very informative, and talks about a lot of important issues.

Along with that, watch these two videos:, also on the ¡Viva Vaquita! Facebook page. The one with the active Vaquitas is very heartening. If you haven’t already, check out the rest of the photos and the whole Facebook page when you get the chance. It makes me want to live in San Diego!:) Thanks.