Last Call at the Oasis

I just received an email from TakePart, creators of Change the Course, which I wrote about in a previous post, about a documentary that is making its television premiere Sunday. Here is what the email states:

“‘Informative, fast-moving and scary’—that would be a great way to describe a hungry Grizzly Bear taking you through a PowerPoint presentation, but we’re not talking bears today. We’re talking about the film Last Call at the Oasis and that is how the New York Times described this powerful documentary.

This visually stunning film by Academy Award® winning filmmaker Jessica Yu is an integral inspiration point for the Change the Course campaign. It shatters myths and lifts the veil behind our most precious resource…and most importantly, it’s making its television premiere this Sunday night, Aug. 25, at 8pm ET on Participant Media’s new TV network Pivot.

Find Pivot in your area and watch Last Call at the Oasis!”

So please, watch this and learn everything you can about our disappearing water! Maybe it will talk about the Colorado River and the Vaquita! Click “Find Pivot” to figure out what channel number it will be, and get your popcorn ready for Sunday night!


Change the Course

Please read this awesome article and Take the Pledge to help Change the Course restore the Colorado River and save the Vaquita! You can also text ‘RIVER’ to 77177 to take the pledge and receive updates on the project. For each pledge, 1,000 gallons of water will be added back to the Colorado River! Please take the pledge to use less water and save the Colorado, which could be another piece in the puzzle of saving the Vaquita. The enormous river used to flow in massive amounts into the Gulf of California, until the delta was riddled with dams. It is not known for sure how such damming affects the Vaquita, but we do know that the water needs to be returned to the Gulf for political reasons, which you can read about in the article above. The Change the Course project is a coalition of TakePart, National Geographic, Participant Media, and BEF, and you can watch a video about the project below:

Vaquita Expedition 2013 Campaign

There are a lot of things going on right now in the Vaquita world. Topher Jones of Bisbee, Arizona has created an Indiegogo campaign for a Vaquita Expedition 2013 to get good photographs and video of the Vaquita. I believe this expedition has nothing to do with ¡Viva Vaquita! or their possible 2013 Expedition. Either way, it sounds very neat and worth donating to:

A National Geographic article about un-damming the Colorado River seems very positive at first, but it may lead to an increase of illegal fishing in the Vaquita’s range. Read it here:

The Muskwa Club has contacted many nationwide aquariums and has begun to form a successful Vaquita Day 2013. The day is planned to be July 6th, and we are trying to get as many aquariums to celebrate the Vaquita on that day as possible. I might even have a table at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey! They have already arranged nationwide media coverage! This will really be a huge event! The Muskwa Club has really helped me achieve my dreams of saving the Vaquita, and they have many more crazy ideas in the works! 🙂

Being a Vaquita conservationist is one busy job!


The damming of the Colorado River in the United States has led to a decrease in freshwater input into the upper Gulf of California. The long-term impact on the Vaquita from this drastic habitat alteration is of serious concern, though not as much as gillnet fishing.