Endangered Species Chocolate

Please click here to download an awesome flyer and listen to a public service announcement about the Vaquita.

You may have heard of or eaten Endangered Species Chocolate. They are an awesome and delicious chocolate company with a great cause. I recently emailed them with the idea of creating a Vaquita chocolate bar and having a portion of its sales go to the Vaquita. If you agree with this idea, please email them at this address: info@chocolatebar.com and say so. You can also include flavor ideas. They seemed perceptive of my email so hopefully if they get enough emails they will consider it much more strongly. I may create a polite petition eventually. It would be amazing for the Vaquita to be on a popular candy bar and have money going to it at the same time! Please help me make this happen! Thanks from the Vaquita!

First copy done

I just finished my first copy of my children’s book, “Vaquita.” Look for more updates soon. Also, my brother is doing a report on the Vaquita from my book. His teacher is the same one to whom I introduced the idea of a school fundraiser two years ago. Hopefully his report will refresh her interest and maybe the fundraiser idea. An idea is forming in my head about a Vaquita fundraiser (not the school one), and it might include chocolate bars. 🙂 Stay tuned.