Muskwa recognized by White House

I am completely shocked by the email I just received from William Whittenbury, Muskwa Club president:


During the preparations for National Save the Vaquita Day this year, we reached out to President Obama, asking him to officially declare July 6 to be the National Save the Vaquita Day. While we did not receive a response on the issue, we felt it was a valuable experience to reach out to the White House.


Today we received a package addressed to Hannah (our publicity director) as “Ms. Hannah Kim, Director of Public Relations, Muskwa Club.” Guess who it was from! Inside was a card with the compliments of THE PRESIDENT as well as a copy of his official proclamation that made June 2013 World Oceans Month. While the Vaquita Day was not officially declared, the White House took the time to respond and make the connection between the Vaquita and the ocean!

So, in short, Muskwa is now recognized as an organization by the President of the United States!”

I was so excited to read this! It is obviously a huge step for Muskwa and an enormous deal for the Vaquita!

Also, today Cheryl Butner received her birthday present from Diane Glim (both of the American Cetacean Society), and guess what it was? My book! I am so thankful to both of them, and they even are purchasing 20 for the ACS’s Christmas fundraiser!



As another present for my sister’s birthday, I bought her a Vaquita pendant from Argent Aqua Jewelry (a site recommended by ¡Viva Vaquita!). It was $60, but it was definitely worth it. It is beautiful, and “cast in silver, plated with Rhodium, a metal more precious than platinum, and set with natural sapphires for their eyes.” I bought the last one in stock, but there are countless other amazing pieces available, and hopefully they will make more Vaquitas soon. Some money from the sale even goes to the Vaquita! You can check out the Vaquita here, or the whole site by clicking the green words above. Here is the pendant: