Anita the Vaquita

I am giving out free “Anita the Vaquita” coloring books by ¡Viva Vaquita! and published by OERS. They can be found here in online form, but you obviously cannot color your computer screen. The book is not exactly made for adults (for ages 4-7) but is a great Christmas gift for a little kid. Also, I will also include a Vaquita brochure, also found online (here), but again as a hard copy. This is only available for the first 5 repliers!!! When you reply, I will be able to see your email address, and will be able to email you. We can work it out from there. If it is free, why not get it to help spread word of the Vaquita?

Coloring book

Check out ¡Viva Vaquita! and the Oceanographic Environmental Research Society’s new coloring/activity book, Anita the Vaquita! It is obviously not directed towards the older audience, but it is great for little kids! It mixes fun activities and coloring with accurate yet simple information. Even though you’re probably an adult, I recommend at least looking at it and giving it to a kid you know. If you are serious about getting an actual copy, comment with your email address and we’ll work from there. Thanks!