Expedition progress

Dr. Tom Jefferson just sent me some good news! Though the weather has not been ideal so far during the expedition, there has been a Vaquita sighting! Here is what he wrote:

“We have not had very good weather so far, but we did have one very calm day with a single Vaquita sighting very close to the boats. Three animals, but the photos did not turn out well.”

I was very excited to read this, and filled with hope that if the weather is calm for the next two weeks, they will get some really good Vaquita photos! Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Expedition progress

  1. I was in San Felipe and interviewed Tom the day before he went out on the Instituto de Ecologia research boat. I just wrote a short piece on La Vaquita that you might be interested in reading, sorry for a few bits of colorful language in the article but you may find it of interest, especially the comments. I am now working on the video and the much longer article, Saludos Vince, here is the link, http://sancarlos.tv/in-search-of-la-vaquita-marina/


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