Got the book!

I received my order of 65 books on Friday, and they turned out awesome! It feels really strange to be holding a book that I created, but I love it! I got so many so I can give some to my friends and family, and also because a few aquariums said they would sell them in their gift shops. I would really appreciate if you bought one for yourself or a loved one here: Here are some pictures of the book:





Back cover


6 thoughts on “Got the book!

  1. Dear Aidan,
    I received my copy last week and it is superb. Congratulations on publishing your first book! I purchased the book for a mutual friend, Chery Butner, and it arrived just in time for World Vaquita Day. I kept it in its mailing box by the door to remind me to bring it, and our dog chewed it up! I’ll now be purchasing additional copies. Thank you for acknowledging various organizations that work with the vaquita in your book. I noticed that the American Cetacean Society was not listed and hope that you will include ACS in future publications. Thank you! Viva Vaquita!


    • Thank you so much for buying the book! You were my very first customer! I’m sorry your dog chewed it up. 🙂 I am so glad that you are buying more! A lot of the money you are spending will come right back to you because of the 25% profit donation. 😉 I am sorry that I did not include the ACS. I am pretty sure that I assumed all of the ACS’s Vaquita work was published on Viva Vaquita’s site because it was created by the ACS. If I do a second edition I will definitely add the ACS. Thank you so much,


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